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Starting Sunday September 6th


LIT Teens Ministry is devoted to the development and growth of students through the teaching of The Word of God, open discussions, and the cultivation of spiritual gifts. Our purpose is to Equip, Empower, and IGNITE the next generation.

September Series

The “Why Not Me” series will be used to let our students know, that their age cannot stand in the way of their purpose. In this series, we will discuss how our students can be effective, powerful, and all around game changers in their schools, communities, churches, and friendship circles no matter how young they are. We are breaking the “I’m too young” mentality, and we are shifting them into a mindset that says, Someone has to change the world.. “WHY NOT ME!?” Along this journey, we will be discussing ways in which our purpose is revealed, as well as learning how to develop that purpose is the midst of opposition.

NEWS/ Announcements

Hello LIT YOUTH! Our first gathering was incredible! Thank you all for not only showing up, but for actually participating in our discussion! I enjoyed hearing your feedback and your perspectives on our topic of “Knowing Who/ Who’s you are!”

Some take away points from this past Sunday are as follows:

Base Scripture of The Month – 1 Timothy 4:12 (AMP)
“Let no one look down on [you because of] your youth, but be an example and set a pattern for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in [moral] purity.”

1. Never allow anyone to downplay what you have to offer. Know that your gifts, abilities, talents, and anointing are GOD SENT, and no one can take that away from you.

2. You can start walking in your purpose and calling NOW! Your age does not restrict you from being used by God. Remember, David was 17 years old when he defeated Goliath, and it changed his life FOREVER. What will you do today, that will change the rest of your tomorrow’s?

3. You must familiarize yourself with God’s thoughts towards you, so that you can begin to reprogram your mind to view yourself the way God views you. If His thoughts are to become our thoughts, we must make it a habit to study His thoughts! Reading The Word of God daily reveals more and more God’s thoughts concerning His children.

4. Speak The Word of God over yourself daily. Scriptural affirmations help to shape your perspective concerning your day and yourself. Remember, if self affirmations are apart of your daily routine, you immediately enhance your mood, which increase your chances of having a GREAT day!

5. Apart of growing in God, and developing your purpose is knowing how you feel about you, and your current place and position in life. Even if those feelings are not necessarily good. It is still important to have an idea of how you feel so that you know where your prayers need to be focused.

Things To Remember:

⁃Be sure to journal at least one day out of this week! We want to get in the habit of writing out our feelings, and prayers concerning our lives, and our days. Whatever your heart desires to write, JOURNAL IT!

⁃Try to bring a paper bible to our gathering this Sunday.


Meet Jonathan Driver

Jonathan Driver is a voice for the millennial generation. He believes in awakening the purposes and true callings of each individual in the body of Christ. He has a heart for worship, and a passion to see multitudes set free through the demonstration of the power of deliverance across the globe. Since the age of 12, Jonathan has taken on many roles in ministry including worship leader, youth minister, outreach coordinator, intercessory leader, and all around servant. He is currently under the leadership of Pastor Kimberly Jones of Limitless Church Fayetteville where he serves as the Teens Ministry Leader, as well as a member of the worship team. Jonathan believes in preaching the Word of God with boldness, passion, and integrity, as he lives by his motto: “You Don’t Have To Compromise To Be Recognized.”

Jonathan Driver

Youth Leader